Accelerator Alumni- Making Cities Smarter

Using the tools and support provided has allowed our accelerator alumni to make their visions a reality, with 40% currently operating in the market. We provide them with proof of concept (POC), allowing them to test the applicability of their technologies in the real world. We also provide our accelerator alumni with continued support, inviting them to attend delegations and fostering important relationships with key decision makers representing municipalities from around the world.

Smart solutions for monitoring and optimizing garbage collection

GreenQ develops and installs an advanced system designed for garbage trucks that optimize the garbage collection process while reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

GreenQ´s goal is to serve as an integral part of the Smart City vision, by improving the quality of both urban life and the city´s service for residents.

Technological solutions that prevent road accidents as means of promoting a proactive and responsible civil society

Safe Lane is an NGO, managing “Road Guard”: A groundbreaking App developed in cooperation with the National Road Safety Authority and the Israel Police Traffic Division.

“Road Guard” – available in Android and IOS – Enables police volunteers and citizens to report serious traffic violations on their mobile phones in a safe and reliable way.

Predicting road disturbance for Smart Cities

WayCARe offers a Smart City solution that predicts road interference while preventing and reducing heavy traffic, road accidents, and casualties.

Our artificial intelligence technology creates Smart City solutions for existing road infrastructures.

One stop shop for efficiently managing property anywhere, from any device

Door Bill is a technological based solution designed to help city residents manage their lives in the Private, Community, and Municipal levels of Modern Residence.

Our technology, offered as a Municipal service, enables residents to manage all their life-related urban activities in a designated virtual space.

A smart system that provides personal and public safety solutions during routine and distress

SayVU offers “Smart City” and IoT solutions, which enable local authorities and government agencies to deploy security services in both stationary and mobile positioning.

SayVU´s crisis management system provides multi-directional communication and secure data transmission, through mobile devices and a central cloud infrastructure.

The App that keeps your loved ones safe from afar

Mr. Guardian offers a private security network, managing daily concerns of your loved ones.

In case of threat or danger, the Mr. Guardian App sends an alert to the user´s mobile devices while updating the relevant local authorities.

Securing IoT networks.

A smart learning system detects a wide range of malware establishment prior to cyber-attack. Intelici maps and analyzes the objects’ distribution infrastructure within ISP/Cloud provider’s network.

Empowering IoT by smart listening abilities.

AbiliSense has developed an intelligent sound recognition technology. By continuously monitoring sounds from the environment, the system provides alerts in cases of danger, accidents and suspicious activity, directly to applications, command centers or IoT devices.

Native Geolocation for IoT Networks.

Hoopo offers an accurate geolocation solution for low-power, wide-area IoT networks. A GPS-free solution saves the cost of IoT solutions & immensely reduces devices’ battery consumption.

Intelligent thermo-solar systems.

Sowillo is developing an intelligent thermo-solar system which adapts to its user’s needs and allows for the sale of energy. Sowillo systems use production and consumption prediction, weather forecast, and machine learning to achieve deeper optimization resulting in smaller energy costs.

We see earthquakes like others can’t.

Delivery of an alert to an oncoming earthquake faster and more reliable than ever before. A simple integration will allow you to prepare and save more lives and resources.

“Unplugs” your home & city cameras and makes them wireless.

Telicomm invented a technology that uses a smart algorithm to optimize video traffic over the air. This technology enables wireless connectivity of mass cameras.

Networking Smart City.

ACiiST´s distributed-network technology transforms exiting city lamp posts to a broadband IoT network, enabling smart city services at fraction of the cost with a non-disruptive installation, improved reliability, enhanced security, 0 RF pollution, and seamless stability.

Making physical therapy smarter, efficient and optimized

A SaaS health-tech company that targets the rapidly growing physical therapy remote rehabilitation market. Our cloud platform and advanced technology enables physical therapists to provide patients with personalized step-by-step video treatment while monitoring their rehabilitation state. Our artificial intelligence offers a data-driven solution that optimizes physical therapy outcomes, leading to more efficient patient management and clinically proven shorter recovery time.

Enables system integrators to build a repeatable and scalable IoT business

Axonize is a cloud platform that enables integration companies to build and increase their business in IoT worlds. Axonize´s platform offers a simple and fast solution for integrators to implement projects in every industry and for any customer demand.

Smart solution protecting disabled parking rights.

The company´s solution enables the automatic enforcement of laws in general and disabled parking in particular. A machine learning system based on algorithm analyses and video documentation provides signed evidence which stands up in court. Have A Peek At This Website uk assignments.